Coffeehouse Five opens its third location in Bargersville

By Todd Travis

If you haven’t heard of Coffeehouse Five, it is a coffee shop that also provides free marriage and addictions counseling to members of the community. After opening the first two locations in Greenwood and in Franklin, Brian and Michelle Peters have decided to open a third location in Bargersville located at 10 Plummer Ave.

“We have been doing this with the idea that the coffee shop would be a revenue source that would then allow us to offer free marriage and addictions counseling. The idea behind the additional locations is simply to provide more income to be able to provide more free services,” Brian Peters stated.

“The Bargersville location was actually where we considered for our first location back in 2011-2012. At that time we just had a sense that it wasn’t ready. It certainly is ready now, and after our Franklin location opened it was pretty obvious that Bargersville was going to be the next step for us. About a year ago we had a family acquaintance who bought a building in Bargersville that asked us if we wanted to rent it as a coffeeshop. So the pieces just kinda came together for this,” he continued.

Coffeehouse Five celebrates its ribbon cutting for its third location with Aspire Johnson County. (Photos by Mark Gasper)

The location is officially open as of Feb. 8.

Coffeehouse Five provides marriage counseling and addictions counseling as a service but they also have a treatment program and a treatment fund. So when someone comes in and asks for help that they don’t provide, they try to connect them with another mental health provider and if they need financial assistance, that can be provided through the treatment fund.

Even though the goal for these coffee shops is to fund the counseling services they offer, Brian wanted to make it clear that their goal is still to have the best coffee shop they could possibly run.

“Our focus is to provide the very best customer service and the very best products that we can in the coffee shops. For that reason, we do everything in house. We bake our own product and roast our own beans to maintain quality control over the product,” Peters specified.

Coffeehouse Five owners Michelle and Brian Peters.

The three location addresses are:

41 W. Monroe St.

Franklin, IN 46131

10 Plummer Ave.

Bargersville, IN 46106

323 Market Plaza

Greenwood, IN 46142