Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owner offers advice to keep cars in good condition

By Nancy Price

Although auto repair shops are considered an essential business during the pandemic, they have suffered substantially due to the vast majority of customers working at home and rarely venturing out. Locally, businesses are beginning to reopen and traffic on the road has increased.

“As people have begun returning to their normal lives our workload has picked up significantly,” said Dave Barnett, franchise owner for Christian Brothers Automotive in Center Grove. “Our large waiting area can accommodate several customers at a time while maintaining social distancing. We are also happy to take customers home, to work, or wherever they need to go in our courtesy shuffle. Customers can feel safe whether they stay with us or choose to wait elsewhere. Like our building, the shuttle is routinely cleaned with disinfectant.”

Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owner Dave Barnett. (Submitted photos)

Barnett said he recommends that car owners rarely operating their vehicles should take their car for a short drive at least once a week to keep it in good operating condition. He warned of additional problems that can result from lack of use.

“Batteries are one component that often fail when a vehicle is not used regularly,” Barnett said. “Other systems also experience degradation when vehicles remain parked for extended periods of time. Small animals can even infest cars that are left sitting. We have recently repaired several vehicles with damaged wiring caused by rodents who had taken residence inside the parked cars and chewed through electrical components.”

Cars may develop problems from lack of use.

Christian Brothers Automotive is a Christian faith-based franchise locally owned and operated by the Barnett family and provides free oil changes to Johnson County pastors. In addition, Christian Brothers welcomes customers to visit is new shop at the corner of Smith Valley and Morgantown roads. For more information, including making an appointment, call (317) 743-2764 or visit