Athlete of the Month: Jordan Vaughns

By Mark Ambrogi 

Center Grove High School basketball coach Zach Hahn has watched as Jordan Vaughns continues to develop.

“Jordan has made tremendous strides since his freshman year,” Hahn said. “He was a 5-foot-11-inch, 135-pound freshman that rarely played and now is a 6-foot-5-inch 200-pound senior captain of our program. Jordan is one of the best on ball defenders we have had in our program, and he is relentless as a rebounder and rim runner in transition He has held the leading scorer on the opposing team to less than one-half of their average the last five games.”

Vaughns was averaging 7.8 points and 5.5 rebounds per game.

“Most importantly, he is an extremely hard worker and great teammate,” Hahn said.

Vaughns said last season his role has gone from being primarily a key rebounder to a scorer and top defender on the team.

“My scoring and rebounding has went up a lot since last year,” he said. “I made the most improvement in defense.”

Vaughns averaged a little over two points and three rebounds per game last season.

“Jordan has great versatility as a defender,” Hahn said. “He can guard any position (point guard to center). His defense has improved because he makes opposing players take tough contested shots where he used to foul more frequently.”

He said improved technique has made the biggest difference.

The Trojans, who had an 8-9 record, have lost three games by a single point, 44-43 to Ben Davis Jan. 21, 47-46 to Zionsville Feb. 8 and 54-53 to Lawrence Central Feb. 11.

“We just need more communication and focus as a team,” Vaughns said of getting over the hump in close games.

Vaughns played football until his freshman year and began concentrating on basketball. Vaughns plans to play basketball in college but is undecided where he will attend.

“It’s so much fun to watch him play even when I coached him,” said his father John Vaughns. “I’ve been coaching him since he was 3. He started watching his older brother play (John Vaughns III) and couldn’t wait to get in a game to score. Now, of course, through the years his role has changed as he has matured at a fast pace because he has always played up. It’s kinda full circle in a way because he started out as a really great defensive player and then realized he could score just as well. He became a great passer and then finally when he got some height a great rebounder as well. I love those games when he realizes he can do them all because those are the games that everyone loves to see. I can’t wait to see him on the next level and him knowing and being allowed to just be Jordan and have fun doing it. I’m without a doubt his biggest fan.”


NAME: Jordan Vaughns

SPORT: Basketball

GRADE: Senior

AGE: 17

HEIGHT: 6 foot 5 inches tall

COLLEGE PLANS: Undecided but wants to major in athletic training

HOBBIES: Fishing and video games



FAVORITE MOVIE: “Central Intelligence”