Appointment Partners

Southside nurse starts company to assist with medical appointment transportation

By Grady Gaynor

Lifelong Southside resident Angela Schubach has spent the last 27 years of her career as a registered nurse for multiple hospital systems and more recently at a private medical group. During her career serving this community Schubach has seen a desperate need in the healthcare system: transportation. Last September after experiencing frustration at the lack of resources to help her own family, friends and countless patients, Schubach decided to go part-time as a nurse, and start her own company, Appointment Partners, to fill the void in this transportation need.

When asked what inspired her to start Appointment Partners, Schubach explained, “I was inspired to start this company after assisting a personal friend in making her appointments. Many times, a doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations are confusing for the patient and having someone with my background to talk through the appointment on the way home can really help.”

Not only does she make sure her clients are where they are supposed to be, and when they are supposed to be there, but she also can serve as a second set of ears for the patient and their families. If desired, Schubach will even sit in on appointments with clients, take notes and sometimes even Facetime during the appointment so that family can interact with the provider firsthand.

Schubach is an experienced professional with a long background of medical experience. Her passion is to be a reliable source to help her community get the care they need.

“I experienced firsthand the need for my company when my mother and I struggled to get my father to his appointments as he was suffering from Alzheimer’s. With myself working a full-time job, and my mother also being elderly, we really could have used more help! Now that I’ve switched to part-time nursing, I want to make a difference in this community by offering my services.”

Appointments are confidential but can be set by family members with patient consent. Visit for more details and booking information.